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Toronto’s main stock index was set for a slightly higher open on Tuesday, after debt-laden Greece finally secured a second bailout that would help resolve its immediate financing needs. Investors, however, were still cautious about the plan’s viability as tough austerity measures kick in later in the year.


  • Canadian equity futures: pointed to a higher open.
  • U.S. stock index futures advanced after eurozone finance ministers secured a deal that will enable Greece to avoid a March default.
  • European stocks fell, retreating from near-seven month highs, as investors booked recent profits following a long-awaited deal over a new bailout for Greece that failed to dispel concerns over the outlook for the troubled country.


  • The Thomson Reuters-Jefferies CRB index, a global commodities benchmark, rose 0.46% in early trade.
  • Oil stayed within sight of $120 a barrel as world consumers grappled with supply disruptions ranging from Iran…

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